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The SolderWorks Curriculum gives creators & entrepreneurs the skills for today & tomorrow. We support & educate the next wave of early stage entrepreneurs & innovators. From business development to functional level prototype design, SolderWorks has all the classes to get you from thought to thing.

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Curriculum Advantage

The only curriculum to focus on and bridge the gap from idea to prototype
Highly targeted skills to provide knowledge for the modern workforce
Industry partnerships & advantages to accelerate startups to the next level

Current Course


Behind every successful idea is a solid foundation. With our intro course, From Thought to Thing: 101, we will navigate you through the steps to take your idea and turn it into a physical prototype. From Thought to Thing: 101 serves as a survey course that will touch on all stages of technical development - from thought to thing.

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Projected Lineup

Schematic Design
Go beyond the breadboard and turn wires into a hardened industry level devices.
Coming Soon
Component Selection
Learn how to select the right components and interface with companies to get parts on time and at the right price.
Coming Soon
PCB Design
Use the latest tools to design and fabricate printed circuit boards for your IoT device.
Coming Soon
Mechanical Design
Design in cutting edge 3D modeling software to go beyond just a circuit board.
Coming Soon
Prototype Fabrication
Use automated fabrication principles and equipment to build a functional prototype.
Coming Soon
Business Development
Learn to build and run a successful business for every stage of the game.
Coming Soon
Process Optimization
Cut down on costs and time with optimization of your business operations.
Coming Soon
Product Certifications
Plan ahead to make sure your device has the proper certifications for the public market.
Coming Soon