The SolderWorks Innovation Fund is an opportunity for technology creators and visionaries to apply for membership grants. Our mission is to support the next wave of early stage entrepreneurs and innovators by providing a space where ideas accelerate from thought to thing.

Funded Member Benefits

The SolderWorks Innovation Fund provides invaluable resources designed to empower the next wave of innovation. As a technology incubator lab, SolderWorks’ priority is cultivating the new industrial revolution by providing professional business resources.

Membership with <br />24 hour access
Membership with
24 hour access
Board of Advisors <br />to provide industry <br />knowledge & advice
Board of Advisors
to provide industry
knowledge & advice
Collaboration rooms for<br /> professional use
Collaboration rooms for
professional use
Connection with <br />like-minded <br />peers & community
Connection with
peers & community
Planned checkpoints <br />to review progress <br />and challenges
Planned checkpoints
to review progress
and challenges
Vendor resources and <br />ecosystem partners
Vendor resources and
ecosystem partners
Print Room containing  3D <br />printers, large format printers, <br />vinyl cutters
Print Room containing 3D
printers, large format printers,
vinyl cutters
Solder Room containing <br />equipment to design & <br />prototype circuit designs & <br />PCB boards
Solder Room containing
equipment to design &
prototype circuit designs &
PCB boards
Cutting Room containing <br />equipment like CNC <br />machines, laser cutters <br />to help fabricate designs
Cutting Room containing
equipment like CNC
machines, laser cutters
to help fabricate designs

Membership Requirements

Active in the Space

Take advantage of teamwork and
collaboration in a space with a
like-minded community.

Project Plan

Present your execution plan and
timeline you expect to complete
during your grant period.

Status Updates

Attend monthly program status meetings
with an experienced Board of Advisors to
review progress updates.
Membership requirements